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At Python Club, a non-profit organization, we want to give people across the world, young and old, the opportunity to learn to program. We provide a wide range of levels of courses in different programming languages and also private tutoring sessions upon request. Our courses are designed to advance the understanding and programming skills of students, and to allow them to move on to more advanced courses.

We provide instruction to students from all over the world. We want to provide access to education that goes beyond basic understanding and enables our students to become leaders in the technological world.

We bring together people who share common interests in coding and computer programming, while encouraging that inclusion of all without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, amnesty, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws.


"How did I start the Python Club?  Throughout my 12 years of teaching I have noticed that it is not enough for me to just teach students within class time. I put a lot of effort into organizing internships in scientific labs for my high school students in the USA, Europe and Russia. At some point, two professors I was talking with about organizing the next internship told me that they would gladly accept high school students who can program in Python. It was spring 2016 and I organized my first Python Club in my then high school, where one of the junior students taught Python and six freshmen students attended this extracurricular activity. This Club peacefully dissolved as I left this school for another one, but 4 members of this Club got internships – one with IBM in NYS, two in Tennessee, and one in a Russian-Japanese lab in Kazan, Russia."


"In spring 2020, amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic and the quarantine in the state of NY, I tutored Biology for a middle school girl from San-Diego, California. This girl was very capable and at some point I asked her if she would like to get an internship in a scientific lab. She said she was interested and I called my friend, a senior scientist from the University of California, San-Diego. My friend said that they would take her as an intern if she can program Python. Long story short, I posted an ad on my wall on Facebook, looking for students who would like to study Python for free, and for an instructor, who would volunteer to teach them. A week after publishing this ad, I was contacted by 3 instructors who were ready to work as volunteers and by 30 students who were eager to study.  That is how our Python Club started. For the 2020 fall cycle we had 6 instructors and 32 students, and then for the 2020  winter cycle we had 20 staff members (17 instructors and 3 admins) and 54 students. The girl from San-Diego is now a freshman in high school, and has completed three levels of Python with us and still works on her internship with the University of San-Diego. I think it will be a fine internship! Not to mention that it attracted dozens of people to study Python with us."

-Oxana Litvine


Late Summer of 2020

3 instructors with 30 students

2021 Summer Camp

Week long overnight summer camp with 81 participants

Fall of 2020

6 instructors with 32 students

Winter of 2020-2021

20 instructors with 54 students

Spring of 2021

28 instructors with 63 students

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