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The Python Club Admin Team


Gregory (Gosha) Lubashev

"I am 17 and have over 10 years of Python experience. I have been teaching programming for 7 years. I am also proficient in Java, C, C++, MATLAB/Octave and can hold my own in a number of other languages. I was the first instructor at the Python Club. Today I manage the schedule, classes, curricula, website, registration, and am an instructor as well. In the summers  of 2020 and 2021, I was employed full-time as a software developer for the MITRE Corporation and continued to work for them part-time during the school years. For me, programming is a fascinating process of making something useful out of nothing just by focusing on your ideas and turning them into code. I hope to share the magic of coding with others."


Ruslan Golov

"I’m Ruslan, a 19 years old successful UK student at Manchester Metropolitan University studying MSci AI and Data Science. I worked for more than a year in The Python Club. I taught Python 1, 2 and 3 courses ranging from ternary conditionals to OOP and regex. I have lot of personal projects written in C#, VB.NET, C++ and Python like Hilbert’s space-filling curve drawing or Fourier transform. Usually, I use Python for mathematical modelling, complex analysis and other higher maths. Currently, in 2022, I’m teaching a Data Science course in Russian and Python 2 in English."


Danielle Hedvig

"I love programming, electronics, and robotics, and I have been involved in these activities since middle school. I was captain of my VEX robotics team, and now, I am co-captain of the innovation group on my FIRST robotics team. I am currently busy writing python scripts to batch dock compounds for my research on inhibiting the FTO protein. In my spare time, I like to read books, create 3-D art, and play with my dogs. I also enjoy teaching and am happy to have the opportunity to share my love for programming with others."


Andrei Grigorian

"My name is Andrei Grigorian, and I have taught Python 1 and 2 for two years for ThePythonClub so far. I taught the Summer Python 1 curriculum at the 2021 Python Summer camp and taught the Summer Python 2 curriculum at the 2022 Python Summer camp. The Summer Python 2 curriculum is comprised of Python 2, as well as a lot of Python 3 and 4 topics from our online courses. During the Summer Python 2 course, the students explored topics such as list comprehension, inheritance, functions of different libraries, and Tkinter (a Python GUI interface)."


Sam Nemirvsky

"Hi! I've been teaching at the Python Club for a year now, and I have taught Javascript and Python 1, as well as Scratch at the Python club camp."


Oxana Litvine

"I graduated in 1993 with a degree in Human and Animal Physiology from the Biology Department of Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia. I then went to graduate school at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (P.K. Anokhin Institute of Normal Physiology) where I studied neuroscience and wrote a thesis devoted to mechanisms of memory reconsolidation, leading me to graduate with a PhD in biology in 1999. I went on to work as a research scientist in 1999-2007 in Russia, in Switzerland, and in the USA, mainly in the field of behavioral neuroscience. In 2008 I changed my career path and became a teacher in a private high school in New York, where I taught Biology, Chemistry, and sometimes Physics. As of today, I am an experienced science teacher, certified to teach Biology and Chemistry in two international programs – IB and IGCSE, and I currently teach AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology and Biology for freshmen in a private catholic school in NYS. I am also an AP Biology reader, and I used to be IB examiner for Environmental Systems and Societies."


Katarina Dobrosky

"I have been programming in Python for 3 years now creating scripts that do anything from solving math problems to analyzing large sets of data. I also have a little experience with JavaScript and HTML. My strong interest in mathematics guided me to computer science, and now here I am! I hope to work in a research field where programming skills will be useful. I hope to share my love of programming with others through teaching here at the Python Club!"


David Rubin

"I most recently taught Java 1 at the Python Summer Camp 2022, as well as last year(2021), and also taught the same course during the 2022 winter cycle early this year. Additionally, I was a TA at Python 1 during the summer of 2020. In Java 1, students were able to learn the basics of Java and how to work with it, as well as get into more difficult operations such as creating their own methods, classes, and working with loops. At the end of the course, they made a game that reflected upon and used everything they've learned which included TicTacToe, card games, and many others.

Thank you!"


Vlad Galeev

"I am from Canada and have been using Python for around 3 years. I also know Java and PHP. I program our family-run book store's website and use web scraping to keep it up to date. I also love coding for its own sake and hope to be able to share it with others through teaching!"


Maria Kogan

"I am one of the teachers for the Python 2 class. During my university studies, I was a Teaching Assistant for Columbia University's C Programming course. My favorite aspect of teaching is working one-on-one with students and seeing them grow confident in themselves and the material throughout the class. I am now a Software Engineer based in San Francisco, and I have professionally worked in programming languages C, Go, and Python"

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